Uitverkocht Enola Gaye Wirepull Smoke Grenade Green


You are judged by the equipment you use….arrive to a gun fight armed only with a knife is the metaphor for using inferior smoke grenades. Enola Gaye Green Wire Pull Smoke Grenades are amongst some of the best tools you can arm yourself with when leading yourself into battle. Whether you’re a one man army or a part of an airsoft hit squad, you need our Ring Pull Smoke Smoke Grenades.

Green Smoke Grenades can be used to wake up your game scenarios and add a massive dose of atmosphere! Toxic green gas bellows from the smoke tube as soon as you pull the igniter or that is the illusion! Toxicity not included!

Fuse Delay: Approx 2 seconds
Effect: Green Smoke emitted from top of grenade
Effect Duration: Approximately 90 Seconds**
Effect Colour: Green Smoke
Ignition Type: Enola Gaye Wire Pull
Composition: Weight 40 grams
Size: 38mm diameter x 130mm high
Boxed Qty: 100 (2 x 50 inner boxes)
Availability: UK, Europe, USA & Canada
Water Resistant Outer: Yes / Partial*
Cloud Density: 8/10**
Smoke Expel Speed: 7/10**

Enola Gaye Wirepull Smoke Grenade Green

  • Model: Enola Gaye Wirepull Smoke Grenade Green
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